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How to beat exhaustion?

Exhaustion is the global problem of the modern man. Previously, families used to have strict roles assigned and responsibilities were split at workplaces with precision.
Nowadays women don’t merely take care of the housework chores but work in offices, so that they can support their family, just like their husbands do. Husbands started getting additional housework to do, too. Companies also practice layering responsibilities of 5 employees onto a single person. Why would they pay for more staff?

The topic of exhaustion is very much in the spotlight, as people suffer from chronic tiredness and often never see it coming.

Everyone has their own ways to combat exhaustion, as some self-medicate with booze, while others try to skip the 7-8 hours of sleep on a daily basis, compensating with 10 on weekends.

If you notice that your attention span is wavering and you keep making mistakes, while your memory is not what is used to be, then you may be needing help right away

It is rather strange but one of the most effective methods is also the least complicated. It is a simple walk in the park, or anywhere else outdoors. We are not saying that a 500 metre walk will make you well-rested for good. You have to walk consciously and in a correct manner.

First of all, you need to tune out the outside commotion, while walking. For this you will need a quite park or a seaside road, for instance.

Second of all, you need to forget every day issues, at least for the half an hour of your walk. Think of something pleasant and positive. This way you can clear your hear, convince yourself of something good or even get a new perspective on some facts of life. You will instantly see that walking on your own can improve your quality of life immensely.

You also need to watch what you eat and exclude fast food from your diet, in order to combat exhaustion. You must develop healthy eating habits. This does not mean that you need to eat out more and you need to wave good-bye to sparkling drinks forever. Eat more fruit and vegetables, substitute starchy side dishes with them and begin your day with oats. Drink multivitamins to avoid vitamin deficiency, which can also cause exhaustion and weakness.

Try to follow a schedule. Plan your day properly. Go to bed and wake up at a dedicated time. Remember that 8 hours of sleep are sufficient for your body to rest.

Take a break from other business, too. Try to extend deadlines at work, discuss your absence with a colleagues, dedicating at least one day to resting at home. You will not be able to get that project done in time, if you are exhausted. Assess your resources realistically and divide your time and attention carefully.

Do something that makes you happy to recover faster. Whether that includes a trip to the cinema or theatre, possibly even a horseback ride – just do it. New positive emotions will help you beat your problems and will help overcome negative feelings, as well as restore your energy levels.
Learn to manage your stress levels, if you want to beat exhaustion. Change your attitude to difficult situations, putting your health first. Complete your work properly and correctly, without pressuring yourself for no reason. Health always comes first. Rushing will affect your quality of work, too.

Exercise in the mornings and you will see just how much energy that will give you!
Spend more time with loved ones, talk to them and share your issues and concerns. Listen to their advice.

Listen to music. It does not always distract you. On the contrary, classical music can help you concentrate and take off the stress. The best soundtrack to relaxation is Mozart, as some maintain.

Don’t hold in negative emotions. Scientists in the US have conducted an unusual experiment. Participants were given pictures with representations of negative emotions of varying degrees, such as: dissatisfaction, aggression, anger, fury and more. Each participant had to read out the description of the emotion and remember the last time he or she has felt that way. Each participant had their hormones measured, with an emphasis on cortisol and testosterone, which are responsible for stress and exhaustion. In addition, the team measured participants brain activity.

As it turned out, following the feeling of anger, each participant had a flurry of activity in the left side of the brain, which is responsible for relaxation. This is why some offices have anger sheets and punching bags.
Swim in the pool. Swimming is an excellent way to manage stress and get rid of the feelings of anxiety. It also helps you sleep better.

Some foods can make you more productive, as it turns out.

For example, you should eat more:

•    lentils that contain amino acids that encourage fast chemical turnover in brain cells;

•    onions that can help saturate brain cells with oxygen;

•    garlic that has components that activate brain cells;

•    fish that contains important elements for brain activity over a long and strenuous period of time;

•    nuts that have dopamine that helps stimulate the thinking process;

•    Brussels sprouts that help concentration levels;

•    lemons that are rich in Vitamin V that has antioxidant properties, which improve attention span.

And finally,
there are some traditional remedies of the homeopathic nature that can help you combat exhaustion, too.

In order to sleep easy:

•    Take a warm bath and follow it up with a cup of warm milk or tea with honey – your eyes will shut almost immediately.

•    Daos monks have their own recipe: a table spoon of the root of ground valerian root, boiled in a glass of water for 15 minutes; let it sit for another 15 minutes. Sieve the juice and add half a teaspoon of honey, as well as one teaspoon of apple vinegar; drink warm prior to sleep; said to improve quality of sleep.

•    Drink a glass of tea with lemon balm

•    Exhaustion is relieved by an exract of rosehip: take 2 tablespoon of rosehip and put them into the thermos, covering it with hot water (preferably leaving it overnight); drink throughout the day.

These can help you maintain energy all day long:

Cold water drunk on an empty stomach can boost your energy and make you perky. It’s best to have a glass of cold tomato juice with thinly sliced dill, as this is a true multivitamin pack that will perk you up even faster. Drink slowly, sipping in small gulps.
Drink green tea, adding half a tea spoon of ground ginger, a pinch of cinnamon, a slice of lemon and one spoon of honey.

•    Make an alcohol-free energy drink by blending a banana (or mashing it with a fork), adding a glass of orange juice, then half a lemon and mixing it all together.

•    Another recipe will require half a carrot, as well as half a large celery stalk, which should be mixed into banana-citrus juice with additional ice, as needed. This is a true energy cocktail that will fill you with power for the day.