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Imagine for a minute that there is a method to slow down the ageing process of your skin, and your body overall, making your skin more resilient and elastic, your hair more full and strong and making you feel full of life and energy.
The secret to all this is within you. The growth factors in your blood cells, platelets are the key to this condition, as they contain the proteins that can rejuvenate cells.

How does PRP work?

PRP is relatively new and uses patient’s own blood to rejuvenate. It has been around for merely 20 years, in which it has managed to get an excellent reputation, as PRP makes your face younger and clearer. The method is based on using your own blood for beauty injections, as such is full of the growth factors we mentioned. This cells add to the protein binding of the skin tissue, synthesising them with necessary components that are needed to produce energy.

After the injection of platelet-derived growth factors, the cells get a second chance at life. The metabolism within the cells is renewed and starts producing collagen, elastin and natural hyaluronic acid. Renewed fibroblast cells promote new cell growth in the skin cell layers. They are responsible for giving skin its’ youthful appearance and excellent elasticity.
Enriched plasma is the fountain of youth for skin.
The uses of PRP injections are varies and are used widely by trichologists, dentists, as well as cosmetic surgeons.


PRP would be useful for those that:

wish to improve quality of skin, get rid of dryness, even out their skin tone and texture;

smoke a lot, which destroys the look of the skin, as the cell metabolism of smokers does not permit their skin cells to detox easily, which results in dull and lacklustre skin that is brittle and thin;

think their skin has lost its elasticity and became saggy and dehydrated; this includes people that have «crow’s feet”, dark under eye circles and wrinkles on their forehead;

suffers from post-acne scarring and discolouration, as PRP improves the look of deep scars that have been around for a while, including face and body;

wants to rejuvenate neck and décolleté areas, as well give a lifting effect to a saggy chin. These are often the areas that speak volumes about the real age of the person, as unsightly skin on these parts tends to detract from the overall attractive look of the person.

The magical PRP procedure is widely used to rejuvenate not merely the face but also the entire body.

Therefore, PRP is recommended for those that:

Want to keep their ideal body shape at any age. Even the most active lifestyle can’t guarantee skin elasticity. PRP can make your forearms firm, perk up the skin on inner thighs, arms, wrists and stomach;

experiences dramatic weight-loss or gain, due to hormonal or other factors, causing stretch marks. Previously, there was no cure for this but now PRP can improve the look of the skin significantly.

Additionally, the injections can help slow down hair loss, improve hair growth, activate dormant follicles and encourage down hair to grow.

Dentists appreciate PRP therapy for its regenerative functions that help implants be accepted by the body, strengthening effect on the gums and assistance in curing gum disease.  

Specifics of PRP injections

The procedure consists of three stages. First, the blood is taken into a special, sterile test tube, in amount of 8-9 millilitres. The procedure is similar to a normal blood test, which takes all of 3 minutes.
Then the drawn blood is places in a special centrifuge that separates blood plasma, enriched with platelets (this takes 10-15 minutes). Lastly, the plasma that is enriched with growth hormones is injected into skin surface that requires healing. This takes 15-20 minutes. The patient feels similar to what one experiences during mesotherapy. The  injections are based on own blood, which prevents any allergies and other side effects.


After PRP therapy, patients can’t visit sauna, solarium or swimming pools, limiting their exposure to the sun, too. The places of injection can have small bruises that will disappear on their own, so they do not require work. Face massage and physiotherapy are also discourages. Recovery after such procedure is not necessary, as the therapy is not traumatising and has no health risks.