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New Shirting

If you work in an office with a strict dress code, or simply love business attire, then you will love the latest trend for 2017. This year women’s suits will be extremely popular, especially pant suits. You can easily dress in a classic tailored suit, pick a wide-legged pant suit or a bold statement ensemble that is decorated with beautiful embroidery. You can see examples from Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Gucci, Versace, Aquilano Rimondi and Ports 1961 in the photographs below.


Spring dictates its own style for accessories.
Handbags spring 2017 are in line with the expectations of the most spoilt fashionistas, trust us.
Classic, a little bit vintage, practical but very outstanding accessories for this season will satisfy your every need and desire.
Designers are accommodating, creating designs that can transition well.
For instance, any evening bag or clutch can now be part of a sporty look, whereas a massive shopper or hobo-style bag can be combined with an evening style, including classical pieces and tailored suits.



Hardened romantic

Lace, ruffles, fringes — what can be more feminine than a delicate dress, made of sheer, weightless lace? Lacy dresses are still in fashion in 2017, complete with ruffles, fringes and cascading folds. Fendi, Francesco Scognamiglio, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini are just some of the brands that can show how to pick a pretty spring or summer dress that is trendy. Do take notice of the baroque style dresses in 2017.



The Jeans scene

Jeans have long stopped being mere everyday comfortable clothing. Today denim is one of the mainstream directions for the fashion industry and a key component in any smart capsule wardrobe. Several pairs of jeans can keep your look trendy, whether you are going for smart-casual, boho, grunge or athleisure. In 2017 designers decided that ladies must have more choice, so various styles and colours were presented on the runways: from classic bootcut in regular blue to unusual colourful jeans, embellished with a suede fringe and decorated with crystals and studs.



The all-embracing trend of 2017 fashion is the stripe. It can be seen in virtually all women’s collections, which were showcased at the recent Milan Fashion week 2016/2017. Pants, dresses, blouses, suits, handbags and shoes…Everything was covered in multicoloured stripes, attracting attention with the abundant hues and shades. So if you want to be fashionable this season, make sure that whatever it is that you buy has stripes. To find out how to combine stripes with other items in 2017, see the photos below. They show the looks from Balmain, Fendi, Max Mara, Sportmax, Uma Wang, Elisabetta Franchi, Salvatore Ferragamo.