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Matthew Golding is a Principal of The Royal Ballet.

Afisha crew had a chance to interview this remarkable personality and to get to know all about his idols and forces that drive people to strive for a career on the big scene



Watches for her

Introducing oval watches Cartier Hypnose, which boast a unique style that conquers many hearts of elegant and demanding ladies.

The unique style is in the elegant combination of black and white, which encourages every lady that owns this piece that she can conquer any man’s heart.
If you choose Cartier Hypnose you can be sure that your evening look, offset this this jewellery creation will not leave anybody unaffected.






 Spring Wardrobe

If you work in an office with a strict dress code, or simply love business attire, then you will love the latest trend for 2017. This year women’s suits will be extremely popular, especially pant suits. You can easily dress in a classic tailored suit, pick a wide-legged pant suit or a bold statement ensemble that is decorated with beautiful embroidery. You can see examples from Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Gucci, Versace, Aquilano Rimondi and Ports 1961 in the photographs below.






Imagine for a minute that there is a method to slow down the ageing process of your skin, and your body overall, making your skin more resilient and elastic, your hair more full and strong and making you feel full of life and energy.
The secret to all this is within you. The growth factors in your blood cells, platelets are the key to this condition, as they contain the proteins that can rejuvenate cells.



Biorevitalization rejuvenating injection

Biorevitalisation is one of the methods of preventing and correcting signs of skin damage by enriching it with hyaluronic acid. The translation of the term “biorevitalisation” is similar to “natural rejuvenation”.

What is hyaluronic acid and why is everyone obsessed with it?




A little about the history of psychology.

As with any science (physics, maths, chemistry, etc.), psychology was a by-product of another discipline — philosophy. It came up from the branch of it that deals with the study of the soul. Its’ development was driven by smaller occurrences, as was the case with many other sciences.
For instance, maths was divided into geometry, trigonometry, calculus; chemistry was split into organic and non-organic branches, etc.
Psychology was split into distinct branches from the original study of the human.  




How to beat exhaustion?
Exhaustion is the global problem of the modern man. Previously, families used to have strict roles assigned and responsibilities were split at workplaces with precision.
Nowadays women don’t merely take care of the housework chores but work in offices, so that they can support their family, just like their husbands do. Husbands started getting additional housework to do, too. Companies also practice layering responsibilities of 5 employees onto a single person. Why would they pay for more staff?